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What kind of value do you want to add to your business? When you are looking to start on an acquisition process, the first step consists of assessing your suitability and defining your goals. Carried out with great care, this analysis allows us to develop an acquisition strategy that will lead to the achievement of your goals.

Preparing the Acquisition Strategy

We manage all the steps leading up to the final transaction and we facilitate matters at all the critical points of the process, including:

  • Checking the qualifications of the different targets and soliciting them;
  • Negotiating an agreement in principle;
  • Managing due diligence;
  • Managing the different players throughout the transaction;
  • Managing and concluding an agreement between the parties.

All these steps are carried out in close collaboration with your management team.

Your interests are our top priority!

Qualification and Solicitation of Targets

Our business solicitation and acquisition services know no borders. Our team has scoured the globe for over 30 years to be able to guide you towards optimal growth.

We support you in your decision-making strategies, especially if you operate in one of the 48 countries where we have completed transactions.

We provide personalized, agile support during the search for the business that will allow you to achieve your growth objective.

With our extensive experience, we will help you find THE perfect target, regardless of its geographical location.

Negotiation of an Agreement in Principle

You can count on our expertise for all the aspects involved in negotiating an agreement in principle.

We will take care of addressing issues essential to carrying out the process and to creating an agreement that satisfies both parties involved. Here are some of the points addressed during the negotiation:

  • The price and terms of payment;
  • The structure of the transaction (purchase of shares or assets, merger or partnership);
  • The due diligence scope;
  • The transaction timeline.

Our experienced team will make sure that nothing is overlooked during this important step.

Due Diligence Management

This step is central to a transaction!

During due diligence, we assess the crucial elements of a successful acquisition: legal, tax, financial, operational and environmental aspects, among others. Our goal is to maximize your chances to ensure that your new acquisition is as profitable as possible.

This work assures you that the acquisition price is accurate and that the company is viable for the long term. Also, if applicable, you know whether certain situations might have a negative impact on the process. This point is especially relevant if you want to renegotiate the terms of the transaction or if you want to withdraw.

Transaction Stakeholder Management

We know that an acquisition project cannot be carried out without the collaboration of several external stakeholders. These specialists are chosen based on their expertise and their knowledge about the company and type of transaction.

Our experience in managing collaborators, repeated and refined over the years, is an asset that today allows our clients to stay focused on their business while we manage the excess interactions that a transaction inevitably generates.

If your acquisition project requires the assistance of accountants, lawyers, external evaluators or specialists, we will be able to make the most of their skills, avoid duplication, and get the best value for money for their services and skills. 

Purchase Contract and Closing the Deal

Drawn up by a lawyer, the purchase contract includes the conditions and guarantees that protect you against different risks, such as those brought to light during the due diligence phase. This legal document can include, among other things, indemnity, confidentiality, non-solicitation and non-competition clauses.

Vigilance is necessary, and a detailed contract prepared by a professional can save you a lot of money while providing protection against major risks. At Moreault, we guide you and ensure that the purchase contract meets your needs.

To close a deal, you can be assured of our team’s full cooperation and its support throughout the closing meeting.

Post-Transaction Support

Our services continue once the transaction has been completed. Our post-transaction support may include a range of tasks, such as the following:

  • Following up on post-closing conditions, including balance-of-sale terms and conditions, accounting and legal aspects, as well as the transfer of responsibilities;
  • Supporting executives of the company during and after the transfer of relevant corporate information;
  • Maintaining relationships and continuing to share information with financial partners.

The meticulous work of our team of experts is your guarantee that your company’s growth strategies progress through every step of the business acquisition process in a fully compliant manner.

To find out more about our services or to obtain comprehensive support promoting the growth of your business, contact us.