About us

Orchestrating Your Growth
Our priority consists of allowing organizations to take an active approach to acquisitions and reduce the impact on their day-to-day operations.

Knowledge of the industry and our clients, combined with skills gained in the field, facilitate profitable and lasting transactions. We handle even the most complex transactions simply and efficiently.

At Moreault, we take the time to listen to our clients to meet their needs.

Is this your first acquisition? We will provide attentive support through every step of the process by answering all your questions.

By choosing us, you are surrounding yourself with a strong team (a real special acquisitions unit!) whose every effort is aimed at ensuring your complete satisfaction.

Our Engagement

Our dedicated team is also on the lookout for community involvement ideas and projects, which will allow us to enjoy and share enriching experiences.

We are directly involved in the community thanks to our collaboration with the Théâtre Paradoxe. This social integration organization with a unique auditorium allows us to fulfill our most ambitious artistic creation dreams with the business community.

Sharing risks with our clients is one of our values! None of our business principles will keep us from helping a business owner achieve self-fulfillment.