MS Solutions acquisition strategy: consolidating expertises

A little bit more about MS Solutions acquisition

Highlight: MS Solutions acquisition was finalized in record time.


Type of mandate: Acquisition 

Goal: To bring IT expertise together under one banner to meet Quebec companies’ growing demand in the technology sector.

Developments: Moreault Conseillers came on board with this in-process solicitation in order to quickly secure a new acquisition. We succeeded in finding the dynamic and high-quality target that MS Solutions was looking for at that stage, namely FXTI.

Our knowledge of the market afforded us access to several businesses that were ready to engage and each of which represented an attractive ecosystem of expertise for our client.


MS Solutions, a crucial player in Quebec’s digital transformation, helps businesses harness technology to enhance their performance. It’s a company who puts people at the heart of its approach, helping them gain confidence in working with new tools or solutions. It offers a range of IT services, specializing in training, collaboration and innovation.

MS Solutions strongly believes that drawing on several different areas of expertise is the best way to support clients as they use and develop cutting-edge tools to improve their performance.