An abundance of workers

10 | 2021 Chronicles

Many companies are facing a shortage of human resources. 

Q: How can we solve the problem? 

A: Wouldn’t it be a good idea to opt for some form of rationalization? 

It isn’t unusual to see dozens of companies with sales between $5 and $10 million offering virtually the same service or product to the same people. Several visionary shareholders have already successfully initiated a rationalization process with their direct or indirect competitors. This rapprochement is not a panacea for all labour problems, but it is certainly an effective solution to ensure growth and solve a considerable number of workforce issues.

Where do you stand on a merger or acquisition strategy? 

Some of you may not feel ready for rationalization. Others have already considered this option but haven’t found the right partner to make their vision a reality. It’s also possible that on your own, you haven’t been able to find the right people to close a deal. 

Moreault’s proven solution to your labour problem: partnership or acquisition!

At Moreault Conseillers, when we consider a partnership or acquisition project, we analyze the market, identify the ideal partner and meet with them. We should note that very few entrepreneurs refuse to discuss a new project that could be beneficial to them. 

Our team knows from experience how to avoid certain mistakes, how to save time, and how to skillfully target the organizations that would fit your business structure. 

We have a tried-and-true method. We can easily give you examples of projects that have come to a successful conclusion, either through a partnership or an acquisition. We would be happy to share the tricks of the trade that could seriously increase your chances of success. 

So, why not take us up on our offer to discuss it? 

We’ll get in touch with you soon.

Looking forward to it!

The Moreault Conseillers team, your creators of partnerships