Consolidation of the New Look Vision Group

About New Look

At New Look, we’ve been offering our expertise in high quality eyewear since 1986. Throughout the years we have pioneered new ways of exceeding customers’ expectations while remaining at the forefront of the industry.

Our customers, our marketplace and our technological prowess are ever evolving. Every day at New Look we strive to go beyond, push the boundaries and redefine the rules. It is now the time to effect another change, a new chapter, and our foundation has never been stronger.

We are Canadian, we own our craft and we deliver complex state-of-the-art eye care in all its simplicity. We are smart thinkers committed to innovation & sustainability, and boast the largest network of passionate professionals and dedicated employees.

This is the basis of our new vision, a vision that will lead us into the next phase of our evolution, the future of our industry.

Our mandate

  • Type of mandate: Rationalization
  • Objective: To consolidate the brand by creating partnerships and acquisitions of high-quality independent businesses.
  • Accomplishments: In final negotiations for several acquisitions. Real-time market data retrieval.
  • Highlight: Highly positive market response.