Accelerating Levio external growth

About Levio

Levio was founded in 2013 to counter the weight and rigid framework that often slows down an organization’s development.

In fact, this desire for change inspired our name, taken from the Latin word meaning “to make lighter”. This premise forms the bedrock of our distinctive offer, drawing on the combination of our two areas of expertise: Business and Technology.

Levio was built on the belief that organizational transformation would gain worldwide momentum. For companies to be globally competitive and governments to perform effectively, they must not only to start this transformation, but also ensure its success.

At Levio, we are at the heart of our clients’ transformation projects to engender success.

Our team of business and technology consultants makes Levio a best-in-class partner for organizations intent on becoming tomorrow’s leaders.

Our mandate

  • Type of mandate: Acquisition
  • Objective: To accelerate their external growth
  • Accomplishments: Acquisition of strategic competitors (Landry & associés, Logimethods)
  • Highlight: Acquisition made during the COVID period in a climate of mutual flexibility.

When we chose to launch Levio, we had the conviction that the transformation of organizations would accelerate worldwide. If we want our private companies to be internationally competitive and our governments to be more efficient, this transformation must begin, must continue—and ultimately succeed.

François Dion – CEO