Overview of the IT sector: Highlights & analysis

02 | 2022 Chronicles

We are sharing with you an overview of the IT sector based on the most recent data available. Since we firmly believe that knowledge is power, we hope that you’ll be able to use this information to enhance your own ability to change things, because that’s the choice we make every day at Moreault Conseillers!  


  • Number of IT professionals in Quebec: 262,800
  • Growth of the IT workforce since 2006: 81% 
  • Number of businesses in the sector: 9,958
  • Revenues generated by this sector: CA$44.6 billion (2019 data)
  • Distribution of professionals by industry sector
  • Computer systems design and related services: 109,700 
  • Telecommunications: 29,500
  • Electronic component manufacturing: 11,100 
  • Mixed sector: 112,500

Overview of the professionals in the sector 

1 in 2 professionals are self-employed workers or work outside the sector.

1 in 3 professionals were born outside Canada.

2 in 3 professionals work for a company with 100 or more employees 

Figures that are catching everybody’s eye

Vacant positions in the industry: 8,290

Our analysis

A business sector experiencing important growth.

A scarce workforce that prioritizes independence and mobility.

A workforce mainly interested in working for large companies.

Our proposal

Train employees to recruit locally.

Let employee belonging be a major factor in compensation.

Actively participate in workforce rationalization through acquisitions, mergers, or business combinations.

We are entering a period of great change and we need to tap into our visionary capacities to take advantage of the positive benefits that this market transformation will have to offer us.

The team at Moreault Conseillers is fascinated by all these subjects and we offer comprehensive services related to your proposal.

Find out more about our approach or contact us to talk about it!

Our brief analysis was based on data from the diagnostic study carried out by Techno Compétences and published in 2021.