FC Géosynthétiques: the steps that follow an acquisition

11 | 2021 Chronicles

In June, FC Géosynthétiques, a leader in the installation of geosynthetic products, acquired Innovex Produits Techniques Inc. (Innovex), a company specializing in the distribution of geosynthetic materials.

Having formed this alliance, the two companies continued their business activities under their respective names and are currently working on consolidating their services.

Managing the integration of two companies at the operational level represents another important phase in the work that results from the acquisition of a company.

To allow our client, FC Géosynthétiques, to focus on change management, Moreault Conseillers continues to support its leaders in several of the administrative aspects that follow a transaction: management of property acquisition professionals, merger of accounting departments and all growth-related aspects.  

We commend FC Géosynthétiques for their decision to continue to work with certain external resources, such as our team, to carry out some of the tasks related to the integration. Too often, supervision of post-acquisition implementation activities is underestimated or neglected. A lack of supervision and planning often leads to problems.

FC Géosynthétiques designated competent people to manage the integration activities and we know that they will continue to meet with success in their growth plans.

FC Geosynthetiques workers following the acquisition of Innovex Produits Techniques Inc.