Business financing: look far ahead and plan for the unpredictable

11 | 2021 Chronicles

Discover the Moreault Conseillers approach to business financing support  

Business financing is an art unto itself. To succeed, leaders need to present their company in a structured way. Good preparation will allow them to approach financial institutions tactfully and in a language that will allow both organizations to perform and accelerate the company’s growth plans. Moreault Conseillers offers you impeccable support that takes all these key elements into account. 

Find the financial institutions that correspond to your values

With remote work, geographical proximity no longer determines the pool of potential institutions. The thing to prioritize, in our opinion, will always be consistency across stakeholders in terms of values and vision. At Moreault, we’ve become experts in the art of recommending the best combinations.

Develop tools to structure your financing application

Meeting with investors requires a good deal of preparation. You need to have a lot of key information about your company at your fingertips. Sometimes it’s necessary to develop an impactful pitch deck-style presentation and handpick a list of potential investors. Using Moreault’s support service in your search for business financing could help simplify this work and create momentum. You’ll save a lot of time and will be better prepared for the steps that come after the financing decision.

Create a well-orchestrated initial contact with investors

Because Moreault Conseillers completes many transactions every year with businesses from a variety of sectors, we can offer you coaching in the best techniques for approaching investors. We know how to devise the right strategies to guarantee long-term success.

Accept the right offers

Why choose this investor over another when the two are so similar? The choice can sometimes be difficult and a comparative analysis isn’t always conclusive. Moreault Conseillers will let you make the final decision, but can give you the facts on what’s really at stake when you make these important decisions.

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